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If there are two things that consumers clearly love, they are convenience and sunshine. From outdoor dining to curbside retail, a commercial pergola system empowers you to make your space more comfortable and inviting.

However, as many business owners will attest, it’s vital that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. If everyone is taking their business outside, then how can you help your business to stand out?

Fortunately, at Pi Pergola, we’ve helped to ideate an abundance of exceptional ideas for stores, restaurants, and cafes to expand into the great outdoors. Here, we present the top 3 ways to boost your outdoor business space with a retractable pergola solution.

3 Ways to Boost an Outdoor Space with a Commercial Pergola

Running a successful company requires constant ideation, design, and development. If you own a restaurant, for example, you must curate menu items, execute service innovations, and formulate marketing strategies.

It’s similar if you own a retail store, a cafe, or even an art gallery. Anyone who runs a business likely spends much of their time coming up with new ideas for optimizing their operations.

That brings us to this list. Here, you can find inspiration for using a Retractable Pergola to create the perfect outdoor space for your store, shop, or restaurant.

3. Add a Glass-Top Pergola for Warm and Inviting Outdoor Dining

With a Sliding Glass Door, you’re empowered to offer sunshine and a nice breeze to outdoor diners. They — along with your staff — will be protected from uninvited weather, while being given the opportunity to enjoy the warm rays and cozy environment when they’re available.

This is also perfect for facilitating a more romantic dining experience. Guests can view the stars and moon at night, without fear of facing the rain.

2. Install an Enclosed Pergola for a Breezy, Outdoor Retail Space

A Bioclimactic & Louvered is perfect for expanding your retail space. Whether you sell clothes and accessories or artwork and crafted goods, an exterior retail space can be a warm and welcoming place for people who want to browse in the comfort of nature.

1. Opt for Pergolas with Retractable Roofs to Optimize Your Space

Commercial canopies are a great way for any business to optimize their space. We’ve seen how business owners in the retail and food-service industries can offer more to their customers, but this is far from the only options available to savvy entrepreneurs.

Regardless of your product, service, or unique value proposition, a retractable roof can be invaluable. It can provide a versatile space for everything from storage to employee relaxation.

Ideally, your space should serve a straightforward and practical function, while acting as an extension of your brand. Even by simply adding a shaded space for passersby, you can make your storefront seem more friendly and hospitable.

Invite Loyalty with a Retractable Canopy from Pi Pergola

A comfortable and welcoming environment can easily convert newcomers into loyal customers. To discuss more ideas for using a pergola to attract and retain loyalty, Contact Us today.