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Usually, when people say they’re installing an outdoor kitchen they mean that they’re just putting in a pergola that they can cook out on. There’s no reason to stop there, though.

Protect your investment by making sure that you put in some sort of protective covering that will help to dramatically reduce the impact of the elements and rain. You’ll be able to use your exterior kitchen space even when the weather starts to get a little more annoying than you had planned for.

The crew here at Pi Pergola has always been amazed at the countless ideas that specialists have come up with for covered outdoor kitchens. Here are some of the most popular today.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Structures

While you need to be sure that your new layout is going to have plenty of ventilation, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t want to invest in a covering that will provide ample protection for the kitchen goods you’re working with. To some degree, these covers should also help to prevent falling leaves and other debris from interfering with your dinner.

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Covered Pergola

While it might not sound like the advice you’d expect from any designer, the best outdoor kitchen covered pergola set is the one you’ll use. If you really feel drawn to a specific design, then go for it and don’t look back.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

Consider matching the overhead roof exactly to the floor space that you’re working with. Anyone who has exterior tiles or pavement can use this as a general plan. Assuming you don’t have any down yet, you should feel free to pick a particular color that would look appropriate with the roofing material you put over your pergola.

Outdoor Kitchen Roof Ideas

Take a look at the space you have available to put in an outdoor kitchen. Chances are that you should see some kind of shape, be it a straight line or an interesting curve, that should lend itself to the installation of a fine roof. Consider the size and shape of any cooking equipment you’re going to need when you plan on putting in the roof.

Retractable Glass Outdoor Kitchen Roof

The benefit of retractable exterior glass roofs is that they should prove extremely flexible, thus lending themselves to both commercial properties as well as residential areas that are having outdoor kitchen areas installed. Eating at one of these construction plans are a lot like having a picnic all the time, which can help to make every single meal into a special one.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

While they might have once been the purview of those who wanted a rather unique architectural feature, a modern Retractable Pergola draws on the look of Edwardian gardens to provide a special appearance for today’s outdoor kitchens. These are great for those who want to have a cookout in an area that’s close to a decorative outside space.

Amazing Outdoor Kitchens from Pi Pergola

If you’re looking for a truly amazing outdoor kitchen, Contact Us today so you can be empowered to plan for your ideal pergola kitchen. For help designing and developing the perfect covered, outdoor kitchen, Contact Us today.