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Outdoor pergola enclosures are a great way to enjoy your restaurant’s outdoor dining area all year long, regardless of the weather. They can provide shelter from the wind, rain, and snow, and can help to keep your customers and employees warm and comfortable.

pergola enclosures can also help to improve your restaurant’s visibility and branding, and can make it more inviting for customers. They’re a great way to increase your seating capacity, and can be used to create an outdoor dining area that is separate from the main restaurant.

If you’re looking for a way to extend your restaurant’s outdoor dining season, or if you simply want to provide your customers with a more comfortable dining experience, then pergola enclosures may be just what you need.

Covered Outdoor Dining Systems Maximize Revenue by Attracting Diners

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The idea of a restaurant pergola enclosure may seem like an outlandish, unnecessary expense for many restaurateurs. In reality, though, it can have a lot of benefits that can pay off in the long run.

This is especially true as the world continues to fight a pandemic. In fact, according to a study by the National Restaurant Association, around 35% of restaurant operators stated that outdoor dining accounted for over 40% of their daily sales, on average.

This makes it clear that those who don’t offer this option to their guests — whatever the reason — could be leaving a significant portion of their potential revenue on the table. And, as any seasoned business owner can tell you, if you’re not serving that demand, your competitors will.

Motorized Restaurant Pergola Enclosures are Effortless Solutions

Some may worry that commercial restaurant pergola systems will be too intrusive. Meanwhile, a retractable enclosure could require more effort than they hope to invest.

Fortunately, a Sliding Glass Door can solve both of these issues. The sliding walls facilitate the flow of air when the weather permits it, and the motorized design makes it easy to close in those times that it doesn’t.

How can Restaurants Expand the Outdoor Dining Season?

There are several ways to make your outdoor dining more welcoming throughout the year. However, many find the most practical option to be setting up an enclosed pergola.

These can be as simple as adding a Retractable Pergola and a heat source, while others may be more thorough and require a bit more complexity. Either way, the intent is to introduce a bit of the natural environment into your restaurant atmosphere, without jeopardizing their comfort.

Restaurant Pergola Enclosures

One popular way of achieving this is through Bioclimatic. Louvered roofs are designed to protect guests from discomfort and inclement weather by focusing on four elements.

The first element is insulation, which also helps to reduce energy costs associated with cooling and heating the restaurant. The second element is ventilation, which keeps guests cool by allowing hot air to escape through the roof while bringing cooler air inside.

The third element is shading, which provides shelter from sunlight or rain without shutting out natural light. The fourth, and final, element is protection from heat radiation, which means that the restaurant will always be comfortable regardless of how sunny it gets outside.

Restaurant Pergola Enclosure Systems from Pi Pergola

Pergola enclosures can provide protection from rain and snow, as well as help keep customers warm and comfortable on chilly days. They can also be used to shield diners from wind, which is especially important if your pergola doesn’t include pergolas or other natural protections that help to block strong gusts of wind.

Fortunately, at Pi Pergola we have the expertise and diverse catalog to ensure you can realize your ideal commercial outdoor pergola enclosure. Made with high-quality materials, they’re designed to be long-lasting and weatherproof.

Additionally, they can be installed quickly and easily, and are a great way to add extra dining space to your cafe, restaurant, or sandwich shop. For more restaurant pergola enclosure ideas, Contact Us today.