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Glass sunroom enclosures and solariums are becoming increasingly popular, especially in colder climates. They are a great way to welcome in the warmth of the sun, all year-round, without extending the invitation to chilly wind and irritating insects.

Many people are realizing that it’s possible to have more of the natural light they crave, regardless of the season. Furthermore, many homeowners enjoy the idea of being able to take in the view of their environment from the comfort of their own space.

What is a Glass Solarium?

A solarium is an addition to your home that is specifically designed to take advantage of natural sunlight, featuring glass walls and a glass roof. These rooms are typically attached to homes, but can also be freestanding structures that form a space of their own. 

Solariums are also ideal for plants that need plenty of sunlight because they offer UV protection. This exceptional versatility permits you to design the perfect space for your favorite plants, your favorite people, or both.

Solarium vs. Sunroom: What’s the Difference?

While both styles are composed of glass sides, a sunroom roof is made of wood and other opaque construction materials, much like traditional ceilings. In contrast, solariums boast glass roof panels for a four-season room that offers maximum natural sunlight.

Solarium vs. Sunroom: Heating and Cooling Performance

Historically, sunrooms have been easier to keep cool, as solariums admit more light. Even today, with advanced components and construction, solariums tend to stay warmer, by their very nature.

Sunroom Pergola Enclosure Concepts for a Smart, Modern Home

Another possible reason for their growing popularity is that these additions are almost infinitely customizable. This provides homeowners with the opportunity to bring out, or enhance, the aesthetic personality of their homes — while still providing an enduring functionality.

From the essential style of your design to the color of the frame — and even the way in which your doors and windows open — everything can be personalized. This empowers you to develop a Residential Pergola Systems of your dreams.

Fixed Glass vs. Retractable Glass

There are two main types of sunroom pergola enclosure: fixed glass and Sliding Glass Door. Determining which one is right for you depends on your needs and preferences.  

Fixed glass is just that; the glass panels are permanently fixed in place and can’t be opened. If you want a room that’s always sunny and warm, then a fixed glass enclosure is a good option. 

However, if you also want to enjoy a nice breeze as you relax in your space, then a sunroom with sliding glass doors may be the better option. If you do, you only have to decide if you prefer conventional windows, or Guilotine Glass that open vertically.

Relax in a Glass Sunroom Enclosure from Pi Pergola

There is an abundance of options for homeowners who want to expand their living space. By opting for a chic backyard sunroom of metal and glass, you can boost the appeal of your home.

Furthermore, you gain a relaxing area in which you can take in the sunlight and the breeze, without leaving the comfort of your home. Fortunately, Pi Pergola can help.

We have the experience, resources, and diverse product selection to facilitate your dream. To get inspired, Contact Us today.